Gulugod Baboy is the general term that descibes the hills that traverse the Calumpang Peninsula, Mabini Batangas.

Baguio City

"Ciudad ti Baguio" by Ilokano. Known as the "Summer Capital of the Philippines".

Kwebang Lampas

Its name derived from a rock formation which form a cove lacated at Brgy. Ibabang Polo in the southern part of Pagbilao Grande Island.


BornFree Goes to Baguio

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher

My journey begins with a single step, after the grave yard shift we headed to Victory Liner in Pasay. Want to guess where we heading? We’re bound to the Summer Capital – Baguio City. It was tiring yet fun 9 hours travel. When we stepped out of the bus in Baguio City it was indeed several degrees cooler compared to Manila. First things first we need a place to stay. After checking with several hotels and transient houses, we decided to stick with our first choice: PineBreeze. We haggled a bit and we got our room, and the rest is adventure.

 Sumptuous dinner at Solibao Restaurant.

Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral also known as Baguio Cathedral is famous for its rose-colored exterior, twin spires and traditional stained glass windows. This iconic structure served as an evacuation center during Japanese Occupation on World War Two.

Eat your heart out at 50’s Dinner. One of the must try while you are in Baguio. The ambiance and deco’s exudes 50’s and the food is unbelievable. American-Filipino fused together and the servings are big. 

Smoothies overload!! Buuuurrrrrp! Oops!  

A Totem pole carved by Ernesto Dul-ang, a succession of Historical figures during the first half of the 20th Century. We’re trying to be one of these historical figures. 

The Cemetery of Negativity is the final resting place of not people, but negative habits and negative thoughts. It is also known as the Lost Cemetery and it was built by the Americans in Camp John Hay during their stay there. It is enclosed by a small picket fence and has rows of tombstones with inscribed negative habits and thoughts.

Having moments with Hon at the Bell House named after General J. Franklin Bell. 

The Tree Drop is a free fall adventure where you will step off a lodge and be dropped 60 feet down in a matter of 2 seconds.

Tam-awan Village showcases Ifugao and kalinga huts using traditional materials. The village also has a restaurant, exhibit showcasing the work of local artists and a cultural show.

Pizza fiesta at Pizza Volante!

Photo op with Nico and Mich at Kubong Sawali. Gastronomic experience of everything masarap.

At Mines View park with Mark and Mich. Breathtaking view. Plus photo op with the BIG DOG! J

We also tried a local delicacy here in the Philippines, but with a twist -- Strawberry Taho!

Souvenirs and shopping are really more fun in the Philippines!

Thank you Mich  for this trip and for inspiring me to start my own blog. I'm in love with Baguio and will come back soon... 


BornFree Starts Blogging

Hey guys! Welcome to my very first blog. I would like to thank you for giving time to check my blog. As a treat, I dedicate my first post to all the readers and my followers.

I made this site 'cause I want to share my different passions in life: food, fashion, photography and travelling. You'll be reading a lot about the different things I've been doing, restaurants or new food I've tried, the places I've been to or to simply put: MY LIFE.

I hope that you'll join me in this journey. I will try my best to feature only the BEST things in life. We are all born to be free! :)
This is when I visited Baguio last January, my very first escapade this 2012.

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