Gulugod Baboy is the general term that descibes the hills that traverse the Calumpang Peninsula, Mabini Batangas.

Baguio City

"Ciudad ti Baguio" by Ilokano. Known as the "Summer Capital of the Philippines".

Kwebang Lampas

Its name derived from a rock formation which form a cove lacated at Brgy. Ibabang Polo in the southern part of Pagbilao Grande Island.


BornFree Goes to Binondo

Filipino - Chinese Arch at Binondo.

It was a gloomy afternoon when Mark and i decided to go to Binondo, Manila or commonly known as "China Town" . Its also quite a challenge co'z i only have 500 pesos in my pocket - "kasya kaya to?" :) "Challenge Accepted!" Let's hit the road of Binondo,Manila.

The name "Binondo" is a toponym derived from the archaic spelling of the Tagalog term "binondoc" (modern orthography: binundók), or mountainous, referring to the district's originally hilly terrain. - Source is Wikipedia.

This famous Ongpin Street brings out tons childhood memories.

Minor Basilica of San Lorenzo Ruiz also known as Binondo Church.

The area is one of the center of commerce and trade for all types of goods and businesses run by Filipino-Chinese merchants.

Chow time!!! We ate at Eng Bee Tin i ordered the Wanton Noodle Soup. Yummm! :)

And Mark's Pork Asado Noodle Soup...

And a refreshing Winter Melon Tea or "Kundol" in tagalog.

Just a thought: Since time immemorial our forefathers and these Chinese trade, live and eventually became a part of our everyday lives in this little town of Binondo. Recently, we have some conflict with China over disputed Islands in the West Philippine sea. Can we just co- exist, look back and maybe consider the strong bond as a Filipino - Chinese? Even though we are very different in terms Culture and Tradition, yet i think we should live harmony.

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